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Each student will receive complete training appropriate to his/her needs and will also learn proper driving habits to safely and confidently operate his/her own unit. Traditional training techniques are utilized throughout the course, including applicable audio-visual resources, practical on-road instruction and exercises, in the student's own vehicle.

Lessons are provided in your own vehicle for optimal results!

Course Description Regular Price GST Total RVOABC Member Price
Basic Driving Course
A Basic Course requires 4 hours of training.We will work on an individual basis on what the student wants and needs in training
$260 $13 $273 $243
Advanced Driving Course
An Advanced Driving Course requires 8 hours of training. The 8 hours may be shared between the driver and the co-pilot. We will work on what each student wants and needs in training.
$520 $26 $546 $491.40
Defensive Driving Lesson
"The Five Keys To Safety" - There is a strong emphasis on defensive driving throughout all phases of the course; however we recommend an additional three hours defensive driving lesson to all RV drivers.
$195 $7.75 $204.75 $184.30
Air Brake Endorsement (20 hours) $250 + tax $250 + tax
Air Brake Theory Course (16 hours) $200 $200
Pre-Trip Inspection (1 Person 4 hours) $65 $65
Pre-Trip Inspection (5 Persons) $260 $260
Most destinations one hour service apply, $65
Prices subject to change without notice


If desired, we offer additional days of instruction to work with you on how to become proficient at backing, how to set up and level your unit in a campsite, or how to use your unit to its greatest potential.

These courses (theory and practicum) will offer instruction on the use of air brakes, brakes in general, defensive driving and all other aspects that encourage responsible handling of a recreational vehicle.

  • Flexible scheduling of road lessons to meet your busy schedule.
  • We come to you to start your lesson where your park your unit.
  • 7 days a week training
  • Our certified instructors have decades of experience in professional driver training

Driving courses offered by Euro Driving School are:

  • Road Test preparation for endorsement 20 and 08-07
    (For 5th wheel Recreational Trailer drivers.)
  • Certified Air Brake Endorsement Course.
    (For drivers who are driving a vehicle that is equipped with air brakes or Air-over-hydrawlic.)
  • Road Test preparation for Class 5/7

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